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Build your next great idea FREE with XRCLOUD

What do I get?

With your XRLCOUD free account, you got all of these— and you won’t be charged until the free trial ends. 



What else I need to know?  


Q1: Do I pay anything to start with the XRCLOUD Account? 

A: No! Starting is free, plus you get a $10 credit that you can spend any time

Q2: Is there a limit to the amount of bonus that I can receive through referrals ?

A: No! there is no limit. The more you refer, the more bonus you get. For instance, if you refer five firends, you will get $50.00 of bonus, and there is no limit too. You can refer to your friends any time you want. 

Q3: Do I get both free trial and free credit at once ? 

A: Of Course! You can get both at once after you set and verify your payment method, then you cna get the $10 bonus and the free trial. 

Q4: What happens at the end of the 1 month of my free trial?

A: After your free trial, you will be billed based on your pay- per- use plan or your XRCLOUD subscription plan. 

Q5: What do I need to Sign up for an XRCLOUD account?

A: All you need is a phone number, email, and a credit card.