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Cloud server parameters to configuration, let you from Xiaobai to master

When we need a cloud server, don't know where to start? Looking at a variety of configurations, I don't know which one I need. Xinruiyun Xiaobian collected information for everyone to sort out and explain some of them. I hope it will be helpful for young partners who have just started choosing cloud servers.


What does the cloud server configuration parameter do?

1.Cloud server configuration parameters-CPU

Generally speaking, the larger the number of CPUs and the higher the frequency, the better the performance of the server. In the actual test process, if the CPU usage is continuously observed under high pressure, the CPU resources can basically meet the server requirements. This situation is actually a waste of CPU resources. The ideal situation is that the CPU utilization is low when the pressure is not high, and the CPU utilization remains at 60% -70% after the pressure comes up. Most CPUs can only run one thread at a time, but hyper-threaded processors can run multiple threads at the same time. We can use the pre-processing hyper-threading feature to improve system performance. Although the use of Hyper-Threading technology can execute two threads at the same time, it is not like two real CPUs, each CPU has independent resources. When two threads need a certain resource at the same time, one of them needs to be temporarily stopped and the resource is given up, and can not continue until these resources are idle. Therefore, the performance of Hyper-Threading is not equal to the performance of two CPUs.

2.Cloud server configuration parameters-memory

Memory size is also an important factor affecting server performance. If the memory is too small, the system process will be blocked, the application will slow down or even become unresponsive; if the memory is too large, it will cause waste. In Linux systems, physical memory and virtual memory are used. Using virtual memory can alleviate the shortage of physical memory, but if the virtual memory takes up too much, the performance of the application will be significantly reduced.

3.Cloud server configuration parameters-bandwidth

The amount of network bandwidth limits the interaction flow between the client and server. Compared to other hardware resources, network bandwidth is more expensive. This requires us to reasonably estimate the server capacity of the server and the required bandwidth resources.

4, cloud server configuration parameters-hard disk

In the past, hard disks were mostly operated mechanically, mainly in the process of finding tracks before reading and writing the hard disks. The read-write cache size of the hard disk is very important for the read-write speed of the hard disk. Hard disks with fast read and write speeds usually have large read and write caches. The seek process of the hard disk is mechanical, which determines that its random read and write speed will be significantly lower than sequential read and write. When we do system design and implementation, we need to consider this feature of the hard disk.